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Tennant Creek – Sunday

Our first little expedition today had to be to the “Michelangelo Exhibition”. Why? Because of the sheer insanity of being in a small mining town at least a thousand kms from the nearest big population centre where survival seems to be the first priority and Renaissance art a totally alien concept.

Second excursion for the day was to Lake Maryanne created when a wall was built damming the river. It’s a recreation area and also seems to be a place people abandon domestic fowls. Who knows where the Peacocks came from?

After the lake we went to see the display at the Mine Battery. I found the photos and displays really interesting because there were lots of personal stories. In 1925 a linesman working on the Overland Telegraph Line found gold in the ranges and along with a couple of pastoralists, one a woman, he staked the first claim. Lack of water made things very difficult and it wasn’t until the 30s when the government decided it was worth setting up a town and providing bores and basic services that Australia’s last gold rush really started.

Tomorrow we leave Tennant Creek and continue south, probably to Aileron and once again expect to be out of internet range.

Tennant Creek – Saturday

We’re already noticing a difference in the weather and we were glad the quilt was back on the bed last night. I’m a bit jealous of those caravaners heading north. Newcastle Waters is a place we discovered in 2002 and we’ve been back since. The first time the area was dry but last time there was a lagoon so we were keen to see how it looks now. We weren’t disappointed there was plenty of water and birds too. It’s Saturday so there were no children at the school and everything was quiet.

After Newcastle Waters we called in at Elliot. Reading the information boards makes me think of Dad who came back from New Guinea at the end of the war and would have passed through here. It was an overnight stop for convoys coming down from Larrimah. The memorial statue seems very different to me from the usual ones which show tall, slim soldiers with standard facial features and holding a gun. This one is more stylised and has a knife in his belt. I think it’s probably a better representation of the “average soldier”.

An unusual depiction of a soldier. Elliot

After Elliot we continued on to Renner Springs for a drink and stretch of legs.

A daunting prospect but we were just making a wee stop off the main road.

We arrived in Tennant Creek mid afternoon and we were both ready for some lunch. We’re staying at the Outback Caravan Park and Happy Hour is from 4:30 until 6:30, that’s a NT Happy Hour.