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Archive for June 25, 2018

Aileron – Monday

There seemed to be quite an exodus from the Caravan Park this morning and judging by the number of caravans on the road the exodus starts about the same time everywhere. Our goal today was to get to Aileron rather than all the way to Alice because it allowed us to stop and look around the Devil’s Marbles. Anyone who wants to camp at the Marbles needs to get there early because it’s become a popular spot for free camping.

Our next stop was Barrow Creek, it hasn’t improved since our last stop.

Ti Tree wasn’t much further down the road and we also stopped there. We keep leapfrogging the same buses and cars. The Highland Tours bus was at Lake Maryanne when we were there and also at the Devils Marbles.

We haven’t stopped at Aileron before and it’s been interesting. The hotel has interesting photos and information about the early settlers in the area, they certainly were resilient people. Aileron Station Has been run by the same family since 1920.