Some places we've been and some places we're going.

As I had breakfast and tried to revive one of last night’s campfires the Anmatjere Man looked very impressive lit by the morning sun. Several different kinds of birds came to investigate, they know the signs and chances of some easy food.

Last night we read about the early settlers in the area so decided to check out Ryan’s Well on our way south. It’s only 7kms from Aileron and was dug by hand to provide a reliable water source for the men working on the Overland Telegraph Line but it was also used by drovers. There was an ingenious device for lifting the water, powered by horse or camel. Across from Ryan’s Well is the original homestead called, Glen Maggie.

After that it was just driving on to Alice Springs. We’d been told the Beanie Festival was on and that it might be difficult to get a site so we were pleased to arrive early in the day. Someone has set up a display of felted hats and other articles in the Caravan Park so I was surprised when I asked about it at the Information Centre to be told it didn’t start until Friday. We’ll be gone by then.

Comments on: "Alice Springs – Tuesday" (4)

  1. I would like some of thise beanies. I have read about the festival. I have a feeling there was a componant of the festival which included clothes made from recycled clothes and fabric. but maybe thats some other time. the clothes were beautiful.

    • I’m disappointed we’ll miss the festival, hoping I might see some Beanies in Alice tomorrow. The forecast minimum temp for tonight is -1. Thank heaven for Downies!

  2. Richard Newland Deland said:

    I can image Alex with a beenie i bought a crows one in melbourne so that a friend from darwin could find me for a tour

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