Some places we've been and some places we're going.

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After a very cold night …

Ice formed at a dripping tap.


…. we went back to have a look in the Araluen Cultural Centre again.

Next was to the shop for some supplies we’ll need when we head south tomorrow then we checked out the Olive Pink Botanical Garden. I have to say it was a disappointment, I think unless there is a council commitment to maintain attractions they eventually start to deteriorate when there aren’t enough people to carry on the vision of the originator. A lot of work had been done to create ponds and plant around them but they were closed.

After the Gardens we went to the old Telegraph Station which is very well maintained but at a cost. It’s a delicate balance to maintain.

Comments on: "Alice Springs – Thursday" (2)

  1. alice springs was a big day on the ghan. We arrived in alice during breakfast and went off on our various tours. I did the simpson gap walk which was quite strenuous but interesting as it included two other stops and walks. as we left the train two refrigerated trucks were being loaded by the staff ..and that was our lunch at the botanic gardens. I didnt realize the casino catered for the meal at the telegraph station but the train staff cooked the bbq that night.. the organization was amazingly efficient. It would have been cold in the open tonight I am glad I didnt go in June.

    • The dinner at the Old Telegraph Station was very well set up, they were placing flowers on each table and it wouldn’t have looked out of place at the Casino itself. It’s been very cold at night, we’re now in Marree and it’s our first chance since Alice to get any internet. Have only been able to use the old public telephones when they’re available. Need to get moving now to update posts. 🙂

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