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Day 41 -Kulgera

Before we arrived in Alice we were told the Beanie Festival was on then we discovered it didn’t start until today. This morning we found out it didn’t start until 12:00 and because we needed to continue our journey south we didn’t want to wait around any more. The venue was just across the road from the Caravan Park so before we left Alice we popped in for a look.

Our first stop on the road south was at Stewarts Well, I expected to see camels there but business must have boomed because now the camels are away from the Roadhouse and it looks well setup for Camel Rides or Treks.

When we reached Erldunda it was busy, as usual. It’s the turning point for those heading to Uluru and motorists are always pulling in for fuel. There was a lot of information about emus on display and it said there was an Emu Farm.

Kulgera is our stop for the night, it’s only about 20kms from the South Australia/Northern Territory border. Although Kulgera has 50 residents only the Roadhouse is clearly visible, about 20 people would be employed there. There is a one-man Police Station, I don’t know what else.


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  1. What a small place…very interesting!

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