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Adelaide – Thursday

It was windy last night but the camper was fine, no buffeting or flapping. We went to get fuel and discovered a section of the main street was closed and there were people with big white boards and cameras. An episode of a TV series was being filmed, it isn’t one we’ve seen. “Wanted 3” stars Rebecca Gibney, someone I’m supposed to know! The scene being filmed will actually be depicted as on the Nullarbor.

From Hawker we went to Orroroo …

…. then Auburn, by the time we arrived there the sky was darkening and the winds strong. It was unpleasant to be outside so we decided that rather than camping for the night we’d head home.

Welcome home!

It’s been a very interesting and enjoyable trip, we’ve seen new places and enjoyed the company of a variety of people. Of course there are things we’ll do differently next time eg. download the Country Pub Campsites and maybe Wikicamps so that we can see what different camp sites are available even if we don’t have internet. Another thing for us to overcome is the lack of Telstra phone coverage in some isolated areas.

After we overcame our initial problems with the after-market sway controller the camper and car performed well. We were able to go on dirt tracks without any issues, the only time we were aware of the camper was when we went up steep hills. It wasn’t difficult, the car was just a bit slower pulling the load. We have our ticket to travel the outback. What ticket? Although I wanted a Wildfire Red, Prado it seems that a white Prado is practically compulsory.