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Keith to Adelaide

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We were not the only people who felt the need for more space and comfort than even a good camper could provide. I wonder if they slept for about 12 hours like I did.

Sometimes you just need that little bit extra.

Breakfast at the Bakery was the first thing on the agenda for today. Next to the Keith Bakery is a Butcher’s shop and you can’t miss the animals out the front.

After Keith the next sizeable town is Coonalpyn and they are doing a great job of attracting passing trade using artworks. The silos are impossible to miss.

There’s a beautiful mosaic outside the Toilet Blocks.

The tunnel under the railway line has walls covered in pictures painted by a variety of people from little kids to professional artists.


Tailem Bend is a town spread out along the main highway and most traffic doesn’t stop but a rhinoceros caught my eye.

Now we’re back home and our short jaunt is over but we’ve visited some new places we intend to revisit, preferably for a longer time. Hope you’ve enjoyed the ride.


A few years ago we went to Tasmania and stopped at Hall’s Gap on the way, I was so frightened by the winds buffeting the camper that I spent the night sitting in the car. Our new camper’s sleeping area is more enclosed with a solid shell but last night we barely slept because of winds again roaring up on us and hitting the camper. We heard a couple of cars leave the site during the night. Hall’s Gap is now off my map.

Why do you think there’s a chain embedded in the concrete slab?

Because we were so keen to get out of Hall’s Gap we packed up and left without breakfast. Dadswell Bridge looked like a likely place so that was our first stop.

We thought we might stay the night in Horsham after we attended to some business but then decided it was far too early so we went on to Nhill. Having seen the movie, “On the Road to Nhill” I thought that might be a fun place to stop but the Caravan Park’s cabins were all filled with workmen and we both felt we needed a little extra comfort after last night. Our next try for a cabin was at Kaniva but the park there was only a designated camping area with an honour box for camping fees so no cabins there either. Bordertown was certain to have cabins so we drove on there. They did have cabins, the guy in front of us got the last one!

There were a lot of wide loads today including one with an escort, it all seemed to be farming machinery.

After missing out on a cabin in Bordertown we decided to have one last try in Keith, if that was a no-go we’d keep driving until we were home. Because of our lack of sleep last night I was hoping that wouldn’t be the case, fatigue and driving are a bad combination. Luckily we had no trouble getting a cabin and we can’t hear any wind at all!

Hall’s Gap – The Pinnacle

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Our plan today was to investigate some of the interesting spots around the town. We intended to visit the McKenzie Falls but drove into the Wonderland Carpark, several walks start from there. We decided on the walk to the Pinnacle, a 2.1 km walk, sometimes when distances are quoted they include the return but this one didn’t.

Don’t forget to double that if you plan on coming back!

There were rocky paths:

Narrow paths:

Resting places, designated and otherwise:

A Canyon:

Some weird rock formations:

Great Views:

It astounds me that in the early days people worked cattle in this terrain. There was evidence overgrown by scrub.

Section of an old fence.

I was tortured on the way up and Alex was tortured on the way down!

After a quick stop for some food in Halls Gap we’ve come back to camp to recover, I wish there was a spa!