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Wood Wood to Mathoura

Before we left Wood Wood this morning I asked in the General Store if they knew what jobs the workers were doing since there didn’t seem to be any grape picking happening, grapevines are pruned in winter, citrus is harvested in the cooler months too and I thought almonds were all machine harvested. Apparently I was way off the mark there. They have someone driving the machine that shakes down the nuts, someone driving a raking machine, someone operating the vacuum machine and people with poles knocking down the nuts reluctant to let go. I guess there would also be grading etc done after the nuts were all gathered. Plenty of jobs!

Seeing the number of semis on the road makes me think the railways should be revitalised to lower the number and decrease air pollution and carbon emissions.

We called into the Information Centre in Swan Hill to get information about possible camping places, she didn’t think there would be any problems but phoned Echuca to make sure. She was told they were fully booked out, Bendigo was also booked out because The Australian Madison Championship Bike Race was on. Between us we decided that turning back into NSW after Echuca was a better option.

Landing a Murray Cod, Swan Hill.

The first place of any size after Swan Hill was Kerang and it was near there any dandruff we might have had was blown away by a crop duster!

Driving towards Echuca we became part of a Street Rod cruise but they must have been embarrassed by us because they left us behind. The Group of Harley Riders did too!

Once again there were bridge repairs going on and we had quite a detour before we could cross another bridge and get onto the Deniliquin Road. I’m glad we don’t have to go through border security, I think we might be quizzed about what we were trafficking across the states!

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I thought the little town of Mathoura might be a good place to camp but the Information Centre had a much better suggestion. We managed to get the very last campsite at the Picnic Point Campground in Barmah National Park. Obviously it’s very busy but the sites are well spaced, it’s beside the River Murray and there are plenty of walking trails.


Beside the Campgrounds is a pair of gates with clunky but intricate designs which I absolutely loved. If only the WEA welding course I did had given me the skills to do something like this!

If you’re thinking we haven’t made the obligatory stop at the Hardware store you’d be wrong. How else would be have acquired a plug and a replacement for the light that refused to work? We now have a “little ripper” of a lamp looking very sophisticated hanging from our “ceiling” pole.