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Picnic Point to Deniliquin and Back

I realised this morning that we were about the only ambassadors for the older generation at this campground. I suspect that quite a few owners of the long lease cabins here are older people who choose to steer clear of the place on long weekends and public holidays. The rabble rousing went on late last night and no one was up to claim a shower cubicle when we did this morning. Our Russian neighbours didn’t make a sound until several hours later.

We decided to take some of the Redgum Forest tracks on our way to Deniliquin (Deni to anyone even vaguely local). The drive through was lovely the only other cars were saw were at small campsites within the forest. I thought we’d see a lot of wildlife but all we saw were some Apostle Birds. When we left the Edwards River Bridge Campground we didn’t actually get lost, we just weren’t where we thought we were so that instead of heading north for 17 kms when we got back to a main road we actually had to turn south for 6 kms!

The town market was on when we arrived so we walked around checking out the stalls. There were several buskers, in our view the best were a young boy playing the Button Box while his sister played the guitar. They were doing a great job of Leonard Cohen’s, “Hallelujah”.

We called into Mathoura because if we sit in the park near the Information Office we get enough signal to post the blog. A highlight of our day was calling into “The Bowlo”, Alex became a temporary member. We bought drinks and then found a ringside seat where we watched Deni RSL play Elmore in foursomes. We have no idea who or what Elmore is nor do we know who won but it was great fun, especially hearing the old guys sledging each other.

Take all the time you want Reg”

He hasn’t got much time left”

On the way back to Picnic Point we called into the Reed Beds Bird Hide.

It was 30 deg today and when we arrived back there was plenty of activity down at the river. People were swimming, some skiers were showing off their skills, lots of boats were being launched and people were throwing sticks for their dogs to retrieve from the water.

Playtime at Picnic Point