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Around Picnic Point Again

Today is the end of the Victorian long weekend and since almost all the vehicles in the Campground had Victorian plates we decided to leave them to their packing up and departures while we continued to enjoy the forest tracks. I wanted to go back again along the Edwards River Track and we found all the lovely spots we saw yesterday.

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We went into Mathoura where most places were open. We had a drink in the Pastoral Hotel where the landlord told us people heading back into Victoria would be queued for about an hour to get across the bridge at Echuca. I don’t suppose that took into account the bridge works and detours.

When we returned to camp at about 2:00 the place seemed deserted, ours was the only camper left in the area, even the cabins seemed to be mostly empty. I dangled my feet in the cool, cool water and we had the play equipment to ourselves! It’s almost time to get the steak on and only one caravan has arrived. How will be cope with the silence?

Around Picnic Point

This morning we decided to go back onto some forest tracks, we thought we might might find the track we intended to go on yesterday. We did find it and the track was much rougher then the others we’ve been on. It’s only a dry weather road and you can see why, in parts there were very deep ruts that meant Alex had to concentrate on keeping the wheels on the ridge tops. There were plenty of wooden bridges too to freak him out!

There were so many stunning campsites near the creek or beside billabongs BUT you won’t see any photos because I deleted them all by mistake. 😦 If we come back this way again we’ll certainly be finding one of those campsites to relax in for a few days.

We took a little break at the Kickstart Cafe , Mathoura, then went back to find Duck Lagoon unfortunately the track wasn’t near any water. We decided to opt out of the loop around the lagoon instead diverting onto a track running beside the River Murray. There were a lot of campsites along that track many with campers set up in them but none were as good as those beside the Edwards River Track.

Kickstart Cafe garden feature.- reminiscent of an episode of The Tunnel!

When we came back to the campground we watched the action around the boatramp.

A nasty wind came in during the afternoon blowing dust and leaves in all directions. There were a few drops of rain but we were told there wouldn’t be any real rain until probably June this year! The guy was right, the rain didn’t progress past a few drops. Because of the dirty wind we decided to go to the Timbercutter Cafe for dinner instead of trying to keep the gas going. The food was delicious.

Back to camp where the wind has blown itself out and kids are again riding their bikes about. A couple have made their bikes sound like 2 strokes by jamming a Coke bottle against the back tyre. The campground is a kids’ delight, they have so much freedom to roam even when it’s dark they manage to ride their bikes while wearing headtorches.