Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Today is the end of the Victorian long weekend and since almost all the vehicles in the Campground had Victorian plates we decided to leave them to their packing up and departures while we continued to enjoy the forest tracks. I wanted to go back again along the Edwards River Track and we found all the lovely spots we saw yesterday.

You can see bigger images with captions by clicking on single photo.

We went into Mathoura where most places were open. We had a drink in the Pastoral Hotel where the landlord told us people heading back into Victoria would be queued for about an hour to get across the bridge at Echuca. I don’t suppose that took into account the bridge works and detours.

When we returned to camp at about 2:00 the place seemed deserted, ours was the only camper left in the area, even the cabins seemed to be mostly empty. I dangled my feet in the cool, cool water and we had the play equipment to ourselves! It’s almost time to get the steak on and only one caravan has arrived. How will be cope with the silence?

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  1. Looks like a great spot to relax, especially in the hammock. xx

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