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Archive for March 14, 2019

More Forest tracks etc

Today we investigated some tracks in the Stanley State Forest which is very close to Yack. Despite the map we had from the Information Office which included photos of relevant junctions we still managed to make a few wrong turns. Kohns or Cohns Track was recommended and we think that’s what we took and not Gravel Pit Track but after a while it became obvious only mountain bikes had been down it for a while. There were lots of branches to be moved and we decided eventually to return the way we’d come.

There were many signs to campsites and we went in to look at Campsite 7.

Somewhere off Number One Road we came across some old gold mine workings.

We went back along the road to Beechwood to get a photo of the leaking tap mailbox then found the community owned Service Station and the Art Centre before going back to the main street for some food supplies.


These mailboxes are artistic too.

We intend to leave Yack tomorrow heading towards Bright.

Yackadandah and Beechworth

It was a day for doing laundry but there are only two machines in the Caravan Park and no Laundrette in Yack so we decided to go to Beechworth and check out things there. Apart from the Laundrette we saw:

Beechworth Jail

Beechworth Council Chambers

Billson’s Brewery

The Carriage Museum

The town is a collection of lovely old buildings from the school at one end to the Jail at the other and I’m sure they extend way back beyond the main street.

At night we went back to the Star Hotel hoping that a Jam Session would eventuate and we were lucky. It was fantastic seeing people wandering in with their instruments, there was a double bass, sax, guitars, banjo, tambourine, Irish tin whistle, bongos and another drum and a couple of fiddles as well as the pub’s piano. One young guy went from guitar to banjo to piano, equally adept on each of them. I counted eleven different musicians. I only saw one person with a folder of music or songs but one person would start to play something and then others would simply join in. It was a great night out.