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Archive for March 24, 2019

Hall’s Gap – The Pinnacle

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Our plan today was to investigate some of the interesting spots around the town. We intended to visit the McKenzie Falls but drove into the Wonderland Carpark, several walks start from there. We decided on the walk to the Pinnacle, a 2.1 km walk, sometimes when distances are quoted they include the return but this one didn’t.

Don’t forget to double that if you plan on coming back!

There were rocky paths:

Narrow paths:

Resting places, designated and otherwise:

A Canyon:

Some weird rock formations:

Great Views:

It astounds me that in the early days people worked cattle in this terrain. There was evidence overgrown by scrub.

Section of an old fence.

I was tortured on the way up and Alex was tortured on the way down!

After a quick stop for some food in Halls Gap we’ve come back to camp to recover, I wish there was a spa!