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Archive for March 26, 2019

Keith to Adelaide

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We were not the only people who felt the need for more space and comfort than even a good camper could provide. I wonder if they slept for about 12 hours like I did.

Sometimes you just need that little bit extra.

Breakfast at the Bakery was the first thing on the agenda for today. Next to the Keith Bakery is a Butcher’s shop and you can’t miss the animals out the front.

After Keith the next sizeable town is Coonalpyn and they are doing a great job of attracting passing trade using artworks. The silos are impossible to miss.

There’s a beautiful mosaic outside the Toilet Blocks.

The tunnel under the railway line has walls covered in pictures painted by a variety of people from little kids to professional artists.


Tailem Bend is a town spread out along the main highway and most traffic doesn’t stop but a rhinoceros caught my eye.

Now we’re back home and our short jaunt is over but we’ve visited some new places we intend to revisit, preferably for a longer time. Hope you’ve enjoyed the ride.