Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Keith to Adelaide

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We were not the only people who felt the need for more space and comfort than even a good camper could provide. I wonder if they slept for about 12 hours like I did.

Sometimes you just need that little bit extra.

Breakfast at the Bakery was the first thing on the agenda for today. Next to the Keith Bakery is a Butcher’s shop and you can’t miss the animals out the front.

After Keith the next sizeable town is Coonalpyn and they are doing a great job of attracting passing trade using artworks. The silos are impossible to miss.

There’s a beautiful mosaic outside the Toilet Blocks.

The tunnel under the railway line has walls covered in pictures painted by a variety of people from little kids to professional artists.


Tailem Bend is a town spread out along the main highway and most traffic doesn’t stop but a rhinoceros caught my eye.

Now we’re back home and our short jaunt is over but we’ve visited some new places we intend to revisit, preferably for a longer time. Hope you’ve enjoyed the ride.

Comments on: "Keith to Adelaide" (11)

  1. Beautiful pictures! I had a great virtual travel with you! Thanks a lot for sharing!

  2. A lovely part of our State. Enjoy!

  3. Welcome home Sue and Alex. Hope you are enjoying the glorious Autumn weather and the garden hasn’t suffered too much. Now for the big unpack. xx 😘

    • The big unpack is certainly turning out to be a slow unpack! I’m actually looking forward to some rain, everyting seems to be gasping for a drink but most plants have survived which was a pleasant surprise for me.

  4. Beautiful art especially on those silos! I enjoyed every moment of your trip.

    • I’m hoping to spend some time on Yorke Peninsula before too long. There are some beautifully painted silos there. Victoria also has a 200 kms “Silo Art Trail” but we weren’t in that area. Thanks for your lovely comments.

  5. The pictures were brilliant and it always fascinates me what you find out about each place that is visited. Thanks once again for all the effort that is put into your blogs to be enjoyed by both of us.

    • I’m also surprised by the things we stumble across and reminded that we don’t really have to go far to find interesting places. I’m going to check out the “Silo Artwork Trail”. 🙂

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