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Temporary Tourist – Day 2

The Royal Adelaide Show is on this week and since we haven’t been for maybe 20 years or more we decided it was worth revisiting.

You can click on an image to see a larger version with its caption.

When we were all warm we set off to see the animals.

We agreed it was time for a warm drink so we went looking for the Country Women’s Association tearooms, it took a while to find it.

There are plenty of displays in the big sheds at the showgrounds but some events simply have to be outdoors.

One more thing before we headed for the train.


Temporary Tourist – Day 1

Discovering interesting places is often a result of having someone staying with you so though we’re not off on a long trip we will be out and about over the next 6 weeks.

I wanted a water barrel for the garden so we decided to go to Mt Barker to buy a recycled Pickled Onion one. Usually we’d travel on the freeway but the GPS cyborg took us a back way with more twists and turns than a pretzel.

As we drove through Mylor we noticed this wonderful group of old buildings, we’ve never seen before.

Coopers Rural and Hardware Store, Mylor, established in 1892.

Environment like this we take for granted but fresh eyes make us appreciate what’s around us.

Gone bush?