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Temporary Tourist – Frank Smith Park

It was a day for wildlfie today, our morning started with shrieking Yellow-Tailed Black cockatoos in the Gum Trees at home.

Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo

The Ringtail Possum was much quieter.

Ringtail possum in a Gum Tree beside the house.

The resident Magpie mum couldn’t wait for Alex to split the wood.

Magpie looking for grubs in the split wood

Later in the day we went to Frank Smith Park at Coromandel Valley,

Memorial Plaque

“When John died at the age of twenty two, Frank went down the Sturt River and in his grief dug a dam which today is known as the John Wesley Smith Memorial Lake. It is located within the Frank Smith Reserve, just behind the Coromandel Valley Primary School off Magarey Road. Frank didn’t want the land broken up, so when he sold it to the Mitcham Council he made sure it would be kept as one lot, which is why the community is still able to enjoy it today.”

I managed to get photos of just some of the wildlife there.