Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Reports said that there were two mothers with calves at Basham’s Beach, betwen Port Elliot and Middleton so we decided to drive down and have a look.

After realizing the whales were too far out for us to watch we went to check out the ruins on Basham’s Farm.

We walked further along the path enjoying the environment.

It was time for some lunch and the Pt Elliot Bakery called…. it was disappointing. A notice made it clear that no food catered for allergies so we drove to Middleton then Victor Harbor.

After lunch at Victor we headed back towards Basham’s to see if the whales had moved in closer calling into Horseshoe Bay on the way.

We had a lovely day out even if the whales didn’t come to entertain us.

Comments on: "Temporary Tourist – Whale Watching?" (4)

  1. What a wonderful outing…I enjoyed this very much! Sorry about the whales, but next time you can be lucky.

  2. There is a lovely cafe at middleton and I am sure it had gluten free and vegetarian options. you can eat in the garden. i think it’s called pippis. Where is the playground.. I didn’t see that on my walks in June? A pity about the bakery as the food is delicious. I am sure I saw gluten free options when I shopped there. not many. and not bread. The whale I saw was off horseshoe bay.. near the island.

    • The great playground is near the horse yard not far from the end of the causeway. We’ll watch the reports and go back for another look at the whales.

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