Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Although it was much cooler today it was still nice enough to be out and about so we went to Blackwood Forest Recreation Park.

Entrance to the park

Before 1908 the land was used for grazing and growing hay but in that year the land was bought to be used as an orchard research area. By 1927, 4100 different varieties of fruit trees were being grown but eventually problems emerged  because most weren’t suitable for the local conditions. Pears and apples were successfully grown and in 1952 pines were planted. The orchard closed in 1968 but pines were harvested until 1985 when public protests stopped the trees being felled. In 2001 the land was proclaimed as Blackwood Forest Park and lucky locals and visitors get to enjoy the lovely setting.

Spring has sprung!

The forest survives.

Past the Manager’s Office and back to the car.


Comments on: "Temporary Tourist – Blackwood Forest Recreation Park" (2)

  1. Beautiful photos Sue Of our local walk!

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