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Temporary Tourist – Hallett Cove Conservation Park

It promised to be a beautiful day so we decided Hallett Cove would be a great place to spend some time.

There is an excellent boardwalk and some challenging steps for anyone with dodgy knees!

First of all I need to say although Fergus is looking cute in some photos he shouldn’t have been in the Conservation Park. I think I was so busy composing a photo of “The Crocks” reading the information board with the Park name in the foreground that I didn’t actually read the sign! There were also some small bushes hiding part of it.

Park information Boards

First interesting rock formation we came across showed sedimentary layers deposited in a glacial lake around 270 million years ago.

Ripple marks can be seen in a layer.

I thought the steps would present a problem but the knees all kept working the way they should.

Those steps are now behind us.

I went down onto the beach to get some photos of the Two Crocks with Crooks climbing up to the Lookout.

Hallett Cove beach has amazing pebbles and rocks.

Someone was searching in amongst the millions of pebbles with a metal detector.

Back at home and some lovely natives put in an appearance.

Temporary Tourist – Blackwood Forest Recreation Park

Although it was much cooler today it was still nice enough to be out and about so we went to Blackwood Forest Recreation Park.

Entrance to the park

Before 1908 the land was used for grazing and growing hay but in that year the land was bought to be used as an orchard research area. By 1927, 4100 different varieties of fruit trees were being grown but eventually problems emergedĀ  because most weren’t suitable for the local conditions. Pears and apples were successfully grown and in 1952 pines were planted. The orchard closed in 1968 but pines were harvested until 1985 when public protests stopped the trees being felled. In 2001 the land was proclaimed as Blackwood Forest Park and lucky locals and visitors get to enjoy the lovely setting.

Spring has sprung!

The forest survives.

Past the Manager’s Office and back to the car.


Temporary Tourist – Seacliff Beach

So what’s a tourist supposed to do when it’s 27 deg C, it’s Sunday and the sun is shining? Head for a beach, of course. We thought Seacliff would be less crowded than Brighton so that’s where we went, it probably took 10 mins from home.

The photos were taken with my phone which won’t even be nominated for “Best Camera” in a mobile!

Clicking on an image and going to a slideshow might improve things.

The Seacliff Beach Hotel has style.

Fergus discovered it was possible to take a walk without accosting every living thing within view.

When ice-cream calls you simply have to answer.

The perfect way to leave the beach, feeling at peace.

“Peace of MInd” by SA artist, Jayd Van Der Meer.