Some places we've been and some places we're going.

We didn’t need to drive at all to reach the Park, we’re close enough to walk the short distance from home to an entry point.

It was a lovely sunny day, I don’t know why more people weren’t in the Park. We only saw a few cyclists having fun on the various tracks …I’m not sure if the cyclists we saw trudging up the Ridge Track with their bikes beside them were still having fun.

Although it’s difficult to see in the photos the sea was two shades of blue and looked very calm. The Park is a lovely, peaceful place to walk and recharge your batteries.


Comments on: "Temporary Tourist – Shepherd’s Hill Recreation Park" (4)

  1. Di Lum Thorpe said:

    It’s a lovely park. Remember us going there and I took Mum there when she was well enough. Thanks for photos, haven’t seen it since Mitsubishi was there. Wish you well for warm Friday.

  2. Must visit there one day, the views are amazing! Did you have a couple of “grandies” in tow.

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