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Temporary Tourist – Wittunga Botanic Garden

With only one more day to go before our visitor flies back home we decided to go to Wittunga Gardens, they’re only 5 mins from home and despite the weather forecast for rain it turned out a nice day. Before we went to Wittunga though we detoured to Coromandel Valley Bakery for some of their nice GF offerings.

Nothing like a Dinky-Di Pie.

The land for Wittunga Gardens was donated by a local family, the Ashbys, descendents still live in the area.

Where ever you walk in the gardens there are delightful views.

There are areas with gorgeous flowers including many varieties of Correa.

In the South African section there were some amazing Hakeas and Proteas.

Although there weren’t many cockatoos and Parrots about today we did see plenty of wildlife.

As we were leaving the Gardens we were treated to a lovely surprise..