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Only about 10 minutes from home, sandwiched between two busy roads, Sturt Road and Oaklands Road, is the Oaklands Wetland and reserve. The Wetlands were completed in 2013 and enable, every year, up to 200 million litres of stormwater to be cleaned before it’s used for irrigation at up to 30 council reserves. Over several stages an Education Centre has been built and various play and recreation areas added, making it a real community asset.

For me, the most appealing aspect is being able to meander along the paths through the bush environment and around the ponds where many different types of birds are perfectly at home.

Originally the land belonged to the Kearne family whose home was quite a mansion. Although the home is gone some trees planted by the family still remain.

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Water is pumped from the Sturt River, rubbish is trapped and removed then the water passes through a series of ponds culminating in a calm lake.

There are several different natural children’s play areas.

You can hear birds calling constantly.

Definitely a lovely place to spend some time relaxing.

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  1. Great pics as usual Sue. It looks like a place well worth a visit.

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