Some places we've been and some places we're going.

The weather was perfect for another little jaunt and only about 10 minutes from home is Belair National Park, there are several different walks of varying lengths but I decided on the 3km Lorikeet Loop Walk.

The bush environment was a perfect antidote for the deluge of unhappy Covid 19 news.

The Belair Native Plant Nursery and old Government House are at about the halfway point.

The old servants’ quarters were used between 1879 and 1885 to manufacture a poison which was used by farmers to try and control rabbits which were in plague proportions during the 1870s.

Downhill from Old Government House is a big Adventure Playground and picnic facilities, it was busy with families enjoying the sunshine.

Of course, there was wildlife all about.

I’ll be back to Belair NP again to try a different walk.

Comments on: "Lorikeet Loop Walk – Belair NP" (4)

  1. Although we don’t have Golden Wattle up here, it’s lovely to see all the other wattles in bloom at the moment – a surefire way to tell Winter is all but over. I did read somewhere that, although the various species are still being documented, most of the 1,300+ wattle species can be found in Australia. No wonder the Golden Wattle is our national floral emblem.

  2. The wattles are out here as well – wattle….one of my all time favourite winter/spring blooms. Seeing them always makes me smile.

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