Some places we've been and some places we're going.

We started our walk opposite the Blackwood Experimental Orchard where Minno Creek passes under a bridge on Main Road.

The track continues on to Blackwood Experimental Orchard and Blackwood Forest across the road.

Most paths are sealed but some sections need extra care.

As well as native plants there are many introduced species.

In 1837 a ship called the “Coromandel” sailed into Port Adelaide, apparently 10 crew members deserted the ship and eventually found their way to this place, naming it, “Coromandel Valley”. Some old structures remain in the area and you can see them as well as some new ones as you walk along the path.


Comments on: "Coromandel Valley Creek Walk" (2)

  1. You were close enough to call in Sue. Since The Advertiser promoted our Blackwood Pine Forest, everyman and his dog walks there. The “Friends of the Forest” built a bridge over the most treacherous of the creek crossings a few weeks ago, hooray! I don’t have to “balance” on a couple of unstable logs anymore! 😍 👍

    • No one was about when I walked past, Cindy. There are always plenty of people in there, kids sitting under log “shelters” listening to their music, families with young kids etc.

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