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Loxton – Day 2

The weather forecast for the day was 39 deg C or about 100 deg. F so it wasn’t a day for great activity. After breakfast as we sat gazing across the peaceful river we heard a loud “CRACK” immediately followed by an almighty “CRASH”. Directly across the river an enormous dead Gum Tree disintegrated just like the towers that collapse when explosives are detonated at their base. It was a stark reminder of why you should never camp under a Gum Tree yet there we were in our chosen spot under a big Gum Tree. We didn’t shift camp but I was well aware of our situation and determined we wouldn’t ever set up camp under a Gum Tree again. Interesting things were happening around us and when I saw a horse float go past I decided it was time to check things out.

Near the Caravan Park we noticed a sign to Heaven Lookout and decided to check it out.

It was so hot by the afternoon I needed to take a siesta. Through the skylight the view of a dead branch suspended in a fork of the Gum Tree was quite disconcerting! Taking a little drive into Loxton seemed a cool option. I came to Loxton in about 1965 to cut apricots on a fruit block, we cut the fruit and placed it on wooden trays which were then treated with sulphur before being laid out on wire racks to dry in the sun. I remember going for a meal at the Loxton Pub and it looks just the way I remember it.

In the late afternoon the road behind us started to get more traffic. A short walk from our campsite is a safe place to get into the river and that’s where the cars were headed.

After such a hot, sunny day I was surprised that there was no colourful sunset, guess I need to check out what causes one.