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Discovering Country Towns – Day 2

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Our day started with a delicious breakfast.

I was on a bit of a mystery tour this trip but “The Fount of all Knowledge” knew where he was going, apparently to Porter Lagoon, a popular swimming place with a Boat Club and Tennis Club …… if you were here 100 years ago!

We drove through Burra and out to World’s End Campground, a site with permanent water. Apparently the name came about because early settlers believed it would be very risky to venture further out into the arid country and the first leaseholder of the land built his station near here.

After leaving the Worlds End we drove up the Hallelujah Hills and along the Rim Road which gives wonderful views of the land below. Windy Hill Radio Site was at the top of the highest hill – it’s not a road to take a caravan along.

Robertstown was a little place I’d never heard of but it appealed to me straight away with its sculpture, memorial seats and great cartoons about the town.

Kapunda gets a much bigger dot on the map than Robertstown and it was our last stop on the way home. Like so many towns in the mid-north it has lovely old buildings but what stands out for me are its murals.

This little trip was a reminder that you don’t have to travel far, far away to find new and interesting places.

Discovering Country Towns – Day 1

Last week I wanted to deliver some historic papers in Clare and we decided to make an overnight stay. Having a dog meant we had to find a place where he’d be welcome and the best spot turned out to be a B&B at Farrell Flat, a place I’d never been. Driving across Adelaide midweek with roadworks and traffic slowing us down meant I was ready for a break when we reached Balaklava even though we’d only travelled about 110 kms!

Next stop was a deserted farmhouse on Templeton Road, a backroad to Blyth.

Blyth was where my dad was born, his family owned the Flour Mill at the time.

Next stop was Clare, unfortunately the online info I had was wrong and I wasn’t able to drop off my papers but we did enjoy some lunch and a walk around town.

After Clare we were ready to discover the treasures of Farrell Flat. There are more houses in the town than we realized, most are on bigger blocks and there are plenty of trees and shrubs hiding houses. There is a Primary School in the town.

We took a drive to Mintaro, all I knew about it was that slate came from there but the whole town was like a trip back to the 1800s and is heritage listed. We didn’t go to the mansion, Martindale Hall, instead we walked around the street investigating the old buildings most have been restored and other are still undergoing work.

Back at our B&B we relaxed in the gardens until we became aware of TRAFFIC which we investigated. There were lots of utes and a big bus was stopped outside the Institute, it was a School Bus dropping off kids from Clare High School and parents had come in from the farms to collect them.