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Adelaide to Quorn

Day 1 Adelaide to Quorn

This is going to be a voyage of discovery in more ways than one. Already Queensland has instituted a Border Declaration which has to be completed 3 days before arriving in the state and as Birdsville will be our first town in Queensland it will require some good WiFi connection somewhere along the Birdsville Track.

Travelling with a dog for a couple of months will also be a learning experience just as well he’s a good passenger, we have to check occasionally to make sure we haven’t left him at one of our stops.

Getting out of Adelaide on a Sunday morning didn’t pose any problems and we headed up towards Clare. Alex told Madam GPS we were going to Quorn via Burra so everytime we came to a junction she instructed us to take the road to Burra, she never gave up until at Laura where Alex deleted the waypoint. We made a wee stop at Rhynie and it’s the first time I’ve ever been grateful I was small enough to wriggle out under a toilet door! I didn’t actually have to do it, brute force eventually got me out the door but I’m now gun shy of toilet door locks!

At Wirrabra we had to stop for photos of a beautiful Robin on a silo.

This evening at Quorn we’ve watched a lightshow projected onto the silos it was very interesting. The first narration was by a Welcome to Countrty and explained the aboriginal connection to the area there was another about the CWA and their catering to troops travelling through the town, the last was about the weather, the land and early farmers struggles when rain didn’t follow the planting of crops as they believed.

It was very cold standing watching the show, neither of us had found our beanies yet so we decided to return to the Caravan Park for some hot food. We can watch the rest of the Show tomorrow night.