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Quorn to Farina Day 3

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Day 3 – Quorn to Farina

Last night was nowhere near as cold as the previous one and wearing Beanies to bed and two pairs of socks helped keep us warm.

On our way north we stopped in Hawker for a snack and I tried something new, the only GF option for me was a Fig and Almond Slice. It was delicious.

It was a surprise to see that The Prairie Hotel was closed for renovations which meant nothing was open. When we’ve come before it’s always been very busy selling Camel pies, Buffalo steaks etc.

The colours of the landscape are an artists dream with swathes of the different colours sweeping across parallel with the contrasting dark range.

Beyond Leigh Creek there was a lot of work being done on what appeared to be an access road alongside the main road. There were hundreds of blue pipe sections some in stacks and some lined up on the ground. When we stopped at the Ochre Pits beyond Lyndhurst, Fergus introduced us to a Telstra worker who told us the pipes were going to bring water from the old mine dam at Leigh Creek to Lyndhurst. The Servo at Lyndhurst is being run remotely from Hawker, travellers can use a credit card to access the pumps and serve themselves nothing else is available there. It’s another place which was very busy last time we passed through and was even selling hot GF chips and GF bread.

After the Ochre Pits we drove on the now sealed road to Farina where we’re camped for the night. The place is busy with volunteers working on restoring parts of the derelict town.

Quorn -Day 2

During the night I realized why there was a Beanie under my pillow when I checked the camper before we left, I WISH I’d left it there! There was frost on the car windscreen this morning and the couple in a caravan next to us are on their very first trip. During the night the husband got up and dressed himself completely then climbed back into bed, I understand why! Even Fergus grizzled a lot during the night and he was wearing a jacket and slept inside his thickly padded “igloo”! The day though has been beautiful.

We went for breakfast at the Quandong Cafe where we heard some locals catching up, chatting about the Covid vaccinations they’d had and when their next was due. About 20 people were outside the cafe waiting for their orders which waiting staff brought to them outside apart from a few people who were ushered into a dining area. We ate one of the two tables outside, The Fount of All Knowledge was very impressed with the local bacon on his breakast “sandwich”. The waitress nearly went off with Fergus’ bacon fat reward for being a proper Cafe Dog.

On our walk we met a local who told us about a new path being constructed which will have indigenous food plants and information boards along it’s way so we investigated what we could of that.

The Devil’s Peak appealed so we went to look at that and then drove out Richman’s Road. As the afternoon progressed it was only warm being in direct sun so it’s obviously going to be another cold night but this time we know what to expect.