Some places we've been and some places we're going.

The Marree Caravan Park could best be described as “shabby” but we enjoyed using an ensuite beside an empty cabin then drank our morning hot chocolates and coffee while we hoped the camper canvas dried. Because of the weather we decided against the Birdsville Track, the mud at Marree was enough for a while so the Oodnadatta Track heading towards the bitumen, Stuart Highway, seemed a better option.

Along the Track we stopped at a few of the old railway sidings and Fettlers Cottages.

We could see water at Lake Eyre South and when we stopped at a lookout there was “Priscilla” which had come into Marree Caravan Park complete with support car, trailer filled with bikes, Mum, Dad and three kids. Later I heard Dad say he took the top off a normal bus and raised the height. I was quite astonished to see him open a side flap and stuff washing into the machine fitted there alongside a dryer.

We’re off to the pub for dinner tonight, no need to dress up for the occasion and Fergus can sit with us in the enclosed verandah, dog lead supplied. Priscilla and entourage are also here.

Comments on: "Marree to William Creek – Day 5" (2)

  1. Good option to take the track to Oodnadatta and the bitumen on the Stuart Highway. Love your picsand “Priscilla” bus.

    • Priscilla was in Coober Pedy when we left, I hope the border closures etc don’t sabotage their “trip of a lifetime”. The kids are getting my kind of schooling. 🙂

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