Some places we've been and some places we're going.

We were up before the sun this morning and had to pack up the camper with moisture still on it after a frosty night. Lots of people had said they were heading for Coober Pedy so we expected lots of company but that didn’t happen, traffic coming from the opposite direction was a surprise.

The road was good but Monsieur decided the right hand side, the French way, was best so spent as much time as possible over there. He did remember to indicate before making any lane changes, pity no one was about the see them.

Coober Pedy has changed a lot since we were last here with a new Council Office and Visitors’ Centre, Water Purchasing bowsers, plus new shops and paved footpath. Other things haven’t changed like the decrepit structures, the tired old Mad Max relics and the many opal selling establishments.

We’ve put the annexe up on the camper so that means we’re here for at least a couple of days.

It’s very cold here tonight, Fergus has opened his crate and climbed into his padded “igloo”

Comments on: "William Creek to Coober Pedy – Day 6" (3)

  1. Many opal seams have been exhausted, people have left. Sure you’ll have fun. Those frozen inland nights & dawns will be a change from home! Wishing you warm days!

  2. I think id be joining fergus. I liked coober pedy. Was there on the ghan trip we had a fabulous meal in an underground restaurant.

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