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Coober Pedy to Kulgera – Day 8

It was another cold start and the annexe was quite wet as we packed up, there had been a steady stream of people leaving since before dawn. We were not sure how things would pan out for us because 3 people were arrested in Coober Pedy last night after flying illegally into SA. We completed the necessary declarations online and had them saved on the laptop but we crossed the border without being stopped and are now checked into the Kulgera Roadhouse Caravan Park.

We wanted to arrive as early as possible so only made a couple of quick stops, one at Cadney Park where Alex had his version of a “Truckies Breakfast”, DimSim, Spring Roll and Iced Coffee. Listening to conversations on the CB radio can be fun, we enjoyed this little snippet:

“There’s more dead cars on the road than dead kangaroos”

“Yeah, you’re roight!”

In the middle of nowhere Madam GPS also warned us that we were approaching a railway crossing, it was lucky for us we were on a flyover because a freight train was underneath us.

Things are getting tricky, I’ve phoned all the Caravan Parks in Alice and no one has a spot for tomorrow, the people at Stuart’s Well don’t take bookings because people don’t turn up so we’ll try to arrive early and give that a go.

A fellow camper, a Victorian, pulled in beside us here and asked us about the border because NT has shut the border to Victorians, he was worried they’d be put into quarantine so has now left the campsite and they are making a run for SA. He told us that Darwin is shut. I think we’ll need to keep checking the situation but the internet connection is very flighty.

Coober Pedy – Day 7

The last time we were up this way Alex was breathalysed near Marree because the rodeo was on, yesterday it happened again for no apparent special reason. He was happy to oblige, grateful that it wasn’t a random Covid test!

This morning our neighbour pointed out that our front tyre was FLAT. Luckily Alex was able to pump it up so we could drive into “town” to find a repairer. We spotted a Goodyear workshop which was supposed to be open but no-one was around so we continued on down the main street and came across Bull’s Garage which was perfect. “Bull” had the small stone removed from the tread in no time and the hole plugged though Alex did everything that needed two hands because Bull had 9 stitches in the pad of his left hand.

We did laundry then drove around the town looking for things of interest.

In the afternoon we went out to The Breakaways which are low hills which have broken away from the Stuart Range.