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Coober Pedy – Day 7

The last time we were up this way Alex was breathalysed near Marree because the rodeo was on, yesterday it happened again for no apparent special reason. He was happy to oblige, grateful that it wasn’t a random Covid test!

This morning our neighbour pointed out that our front tyre was FLAT. Luckily Alex was able to pump it up so we could drive into “town” to find a repairer. We spotted a Goodyear workshop which was supposed to be open but no-one was around so we continued on down the main street and came across Bull’s Garage which was perfect. “Bull” had the small stone removed from the tread in no time and the hole plugged though Alex did everything that needed two hands because Bull had 9 stitches in the pad of his left hand.

We did laundry then drove around the town looking for things of interest.

In the afternoon we went out to The Breakaways which are low hills which have broken away from the Stuart Range.

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  1. Have my fingers crossed for you that your adventure will continue smoothly as the states all seem to locking themselves down.

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