Some places we've been and some places we're going.

We went across to the Reception/Shop area to charge the laptop and Fergus wasn’t really Humbugging but he managed to inveigle two big slices of bacon from one of the Station Hands. Although he’s only had tiny bacon scraps before he managed to demolish the lot!

Before we could go anywhere Alex had to use the bumper leads to start the car, not sure what drained the battery which is a bit of a concern. We decided to take a run out to Kings Canyon knowing that Fergus had to stay in the Carpark, there’s no way we’d leave him there alone as suggested, I’m sure he would have disappeared by the time we returned. We took some photos of the area then came back towards camp. There are places you can collect firewood from beside the road so we picked up a few bits then returned to camp for a COOL drink. Can you believe it, we finally in need of a cool one rather than hot?

We had lunch/dinner at the cafe while Fergus went walking around the campsite with a young girl who’s family is camped near us. The menu is limited, we had a choice of burgers, Camel, Chicken, Angus, The Drover’s Special or Vegetarian. My GF chicken burger was a delicious bit of chicken breast.

I’m trying to recharge the laptop so we’ve been walking about the campsite checking out the various shelters and have found one with a table near a power point. Time to shut down and let the laptop recuperate.

Comments on: "Kings Creek Station -Day 10" (4)

  1. It is hard to imagine anyone wanting a COLD drink. At long last, you must br warm. No need to worry about your garden, we have good rain and lots of “showers” forecast for the rest of the week

    • I can imagine the weeds are loving the rain! The days now are lovely, the nights still COLD but we’ve learned to use beanies, socks and one night even gloves to keep us warm.

  2. I went to the Rav4 a couple of weeks ago & had to call the RAA, battery totally flat. Service guy thought it was probably a light left on. I’d been shopping & it was dark when I got home. It’s a 3way switch to light the boot. I was so tired I didn’t notice the light was on after taking in bags of groceries.
    $200 later I can drive it. Only got just over 2 yrs out of last one. RAA is the only way to get one Sunday around 11! My Mazda 323 battery lasted 5years out of Japanese factory. Now to get the radio working at mechanics’ …I had the keys & tag to fix it however that’s not part of the service I guess. I think home delivery must be great.
    Best wishes with your charging.

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