Some places we've been and some places we're going.

The news this morning was no better than last night, Alice was in lockdown and we didn’t want to risk causing ourselves problems later down the track by having been in a “Hot Spot” so reluctantly we decided to backtrack to Coober Pedy.Luckily there were no battery or alarm issues this morning and we set off towards the Lasseter’s Highway. I must read up about Lasseter again, I know he claimed to have found a gold seam and people died searching for “Lasseter’s Lost Reef” but think he was later proven to be a complete fraud.

Once again flocks of Budgies played chicken with us, they looked gorgeous as the whole flock turned into the sun and presented a shimmering tapestry of green. We decided to drive a little way towards Uluru after I glimpsed Mount Conner which I remembered from years ago.

On the way we passed by the Mount Ebenezer Roadhouse which obviously thrived at some time but is now completely deserted.

Very little traffic was going our way but Uluru still seemed a popular destination. Now we’re back at Kulgera and the talk is all about the border closures, police on duty and the passes needed to get through, we haven’t spoken with any South Australians yet. In our row at the park there are seven Victorian registered vehicles, two from SA and one from WA. From what we’ve noticed on the road I’d say that’s a fair representation.

We’ll make our decision about where we go next after we see what happens at the border.

Comments on: "Kings Creek Station to Kulgera -Day 12" (5)

  1. Glad to see the batteries are behaving. When you get over the border…hoping you don’t have a Kit delay.
    Grumpy horn blaring drivers on Greenhill Road, Sun 4/7/21.
    The Covid restrictions have just been eased.
    Happy continuation of holiday.

    • I’ll be surprised if there’s any problem at the border but I guess we all have to simply take it as it is and be patient. 🙂

  2. Im still waiting for my pass back into SA, Hope you are able to move freely soon.

  3. Sorry to hear you have had to backtrack to Kulgera. Good luck with your travele a d the border.

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