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Day 14 Stuart’s Well to Alice Springs

Last night the Roadhouse was very lively most of the Pub customers seemed to be from a large group of campers who have been stuck in Stuart’s Well since the Alice lockdown. During the afternoon they set up a big circle in the middle of the quarry or marshalling yard, whatever it was we were camped in. I think they were having a Trivial Pursuit or Mastermind type competition and prizes were given at the end of it. I think they would have been happy to be moving on. We were all directed to the “Free Camping” area because there were no powered sites available but I don’t consider it a bargain. The place is way beyond its prime and we’re glad to have moved on……to Alice!

After five cold nights and mornings with no heating we both felt the need of a few days in one place with power so we can put the heater on. I contacted the Heritage Caravan Park in Alice and was told we could only have two nights at a powered site so we took those in the hope we can extend it by a day or so.

Going into the Town Centre we felt like anti-social lawbreakers as we were the odd ones out, not wearing masks. I went into Kmart, they had none but directed me to a Chemist where I was told they were $1.50, one per customer. When I said I wanted two she told me I was only allowed to have one, I told her I needed one for my husband who was outside with the dog! She took a look outside and told me she’d make an exception for me and sold me two. Later I saw a fancy one in a quilters shop so I bought one of those which is a better fit.

There are some very attractive images on walls around the town.

We had to be back by 3:00 because Fergus had a date with Daisy, the cute little Westie from the caravan next door. They were going to play at the Dog Park here and they did have a lovely play together enjoying the freedom of being off lead after so long.

Our dinner came to us tonight.