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Day 15 Alice Springs

It was another cold night!

We took advantage of the laundry at the Caravan Park before going into the town centre to restock, naturally that meant a couple of trips to Bunnings. As I waited in a carpark when Alex was shopping I registered some of the different ethnic groups who either call Alice home or were visiting. It was a real surprise to see a man in traditional long white tunic, white pants and kepi, young girls with their thick, black hair in braids and a woman in beautifully bright flowing robes and turban-like head covering. I was in search of a boring, warm jumper! We the “Daily Special” of coffee and sandwich at a cafe with nice outdoor tables, there was even a dog bed provided…daggy though.

To reach our campground we have to pass through Heavitree Gap, a pass through the Macdonnell Ranges.

In the afternoon Fergus met up with Daisy again.

Our neighbours tonight were our neighbours at Kulgera, I wonder what the odds of that are considering the number of sites in the Parks.

Tomorrow we’re moving on to Gem Tree, we’ve fossicked for Garnets there before, it will be interesting to see how the place has changed.