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Day 17 – Gemtree

Rather than pack up and move on we decided to stay another day and take Peter-the-Fossiker up on his offer. We followed him out to the Fossicking Fields which was just as well because there were so many tracks in and around the area we would never have found the right place. I’m so glad we decided to stay, no paid fossicking tour would have been a patch on the time we spent with him. What you won’t see in the photos are his socks which is a real pity. While he’s out fossicking his wife spends time at camp knitting and quilting, his socks were unique, made from Australian wool processed in Germany.

As I walked around the camping area this afternoon a young boy asked, “Have you seen any interesting birds?” We started to chat and he pointed above my shoulder, two Galahs were sitting in a tree there. We talked about the different birds we’d seen around the campgrounds. I’ve been surprised at the relaxed way some kids will initiate conversations eg “What have you done today?” or “How is your day?” If a stranger had spoken to me when I was a kid I’d probably have struggled to answer them let alone initiate a conversation myself.

Walking around the camping area there are interesting things to see.

Alex has received his border pass for entering Queensland but I haven’t, that’s cheeky since he used my laptop to apply! Tomorrow we’re hoping to stay at Jervois Station.