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Day 18 Jervois Station

About 20 years ago we travelled on the “Plenty Tyreway” and we drove back along some of it today but before the bitumen was only from the Stuart Highway to Gemtree now it extends about 100 kms past that then we were back to the familiar red dirt and corrugations. There is a lot of roadwork going on with two long detours which were like airstrips compared to the Plenty Highway itself.

The Harts Range is very impressive and we passed the sign to Mount Riddoch which was the original site of the log house pictured in Monday’s post. Although we passed a sign warning of “Wild Animals” the only creatures we’ve seen have been beef cattle, mostly Hereford types. The environment does change though and is interesting.

We’re now setup at Jervois Station which provides very basic facilities but plenty of firewood is about for the collecting so tonight we’ll have a fire. There is a very big riverbed beside the camping area and cattle are now wandering along under the Gum Trees. Visiting dogs are not allowed out of cars anywhere near the homestead because there are about 14 working dogs living at the Station, all Kelpies, I think. There is also a camp drafting horse and two donkeys near the homestead, one of the donkeys was a pet the other an injured feral donkey which the people have taken in.

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  1. The odd fly perhaps?

  2. I hope yu have caught up with the news that Ash Barty beat Pliskova last night in a three setter at Wimbledon. Yay! We stayed up to watch and then I was so excited I couldn’t sleep. I am a bit “foggy” today but have Aquarobics at 1pm so will have to “step up”. It has been school holidays here, one more week to go. Was good to have Abigail and Bethanie on Friday and had a family lunch yesterday at Pete and Suk-Yees’s for the July birthdays, Steph 18 on Friday and Pete turns 46 in a couple of weeks. The other half of the family were unwell so sadly were missing. We have had cold nights but Renmark “took the gong” the other night with minus 9!

    • Good grief!!! Minus 9! We’re finally having nice warm days and the gloves, beanie and two pairs of socks don’t go on at night now. 🙂

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