Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Day 22 Mt Isa

It wasn’t an exciting day – did washing, went to a Dog Park, drove around Lake Moondarra and read.

No dogs allowed.

I find Mt Isa a confusing town, and can’t work out the street layouts, Madam GPS seems to have a bit of a problem too because she took us around a sad housing suburb before telling us we’d reached the Dog Park. She was completely wrong, we used a paper map to find it!

Mt Isa, even smokes on Sundays.

A little Toilet Humour we’ve seen along the way.

Comments on: "Day 22 Mt Isa" (3)

  1. Sounds like my sort of day. Relaxing and reading. xx

  2. Sometimes when you travel you need those kind of just doing days. Here in nsw Im staying close to home.. my memory of stopping in mt isa was how packed the park was and getting lost finding our way around. Ih and big dogs. Every house seemed to have big dogs.

    • I can’t see any logic in the way the streets run but Alex has it all sorted out, I always knew he had a weird sense of direction!

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