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Archive for July 12, 2021

Day 23 – Mt Isa

Today we needed to stock up on supplies because we’ll be moving to much smaller places when we leave here. When we went “into town” Alex showed me a sculpture he found last night when he was walking about waiting for our tasty pizza to be cooked. I was very impressed by the way the artist had managed to convey a close relationship between the two using such inflexible materials. The rebar and rubble etc was collected when the old bridge was demolished.

After shopping and packing away we left to check out the “ghost town” of Mary Kathleen, it didn’t feel like a ghost town to me because all the buildings are gone, only the “footprints” are left. Now that we’ve seen the place it will definitely be our preferred camping spot in this area.

The Uranium Mine is not in production now because markets have dried up not because there’s no more uranium or it’s uneconomic to mine.

I was surprised to see a tree which seemed to have the same leaves and flowers as a small shrub we see near home, it’s the Broad-leaved Cottonbush and it’s food for the Wanderer Butterfly caterpillars. I broke a leaf off and it has the same “milk” as the small shrub, the milk is toxic to other insects.

The annexe is now down and packed away so in the morning we’ll be ready to move in the direction of Lawn Hill. This morning I phoned four different Caravan Parks in Karumba and there were no spots for us.