Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Although we only drove 90 kms today it took a few hours because of the road. It wasn’t as bad as the last time we were here but it was slow going with pot holes, single width track,busted “dust control” top layer and oncoming traffic. There were a couple of trucks transporting cattle the rest were campers returning from Lawn Hill.

There are three parts to Lawn Hill or Boodjamulla, Lawn Hill Station, Lawn Hill National Park and Adel’s Grove.

There are cabins, glamping tents as well as the camping sites. We bought some lunch in the big eating area where Fergus was welcome to join us then walked about the camping areas. Crazy as it may sound the heat knocked me and all I could do for a couple of hours was sleep, I think it’s the sudden change from cold to hot that’s whacked me. Maybe tomorrow I’ll test out the river, people were swimming there today. One lady who came out described it as “refreshing” but the look on her face let me know it was cold! The Grove is a lovely camping area with private sites in amongst the trees, I’m in awe of the people who manage to wrangle their caravans into tight spaces between trees. We did see one driver with a big van inch his way between two trees lining the road in, I don’t know how he coped when he got deeper in amongst the camping sites. It’s been great to see women travelling independently, there is a woman camping in the next site who is driving a Landcruiser and had solar panels out connected to her car battery during the day. She is obviously perfectly capable of managing anything thrown at her while she’s out and about. When we were at Mary Kathleen mine two women drove almost to the mine face towing their caravan, they were wise to stop and disconnect the van before tackling the last couple of hundred metres.

There are lots of different birds in The Grove including, I think, Bower Birds.

It will be lovely staying here and relaxing, we’re booked in for four nights. There seems to be phone coverage up at the dining area, I’ve been using my phone as a “hot spot”. For once I can say that I’m able to do more with my phone than Alex can, his can’t manage calls, only texts even in Mt Isa.

Comments on: "Day 25 – Gregory to Adel’s Grove (Lawn Hill)" (7)

  1. It seems that there are more single women on the road exploring than there are men. We were on a cruise a few years back and there were a lot of single older men. We wanted to tell them that they’d find more ladies out in the bush than in the bar!

  2. Great tokeep up with your travels and soak up the surroundings courtesy of your lovely photos Sue. Make sure to keep drinking lots of water Sue. Gotta keep up your hydration not you are “in the heat”. I don’t remember such a cold,wet winter! It has been relentless. You did well to head north.

    • I think we paid our dues up front when we stayed at Quorn, our first night out and the hardest weather we’ve had to deal with. Wish I could set aside some Qld warmth to take home with me.

  3. I read an article yesterday about the gangs of teenage bower birds and how the practice the fertility rites.. by pretending to be a female bird so the male performs with his blue items (often plastic bottle tops etc now) for the false female until he realizes he has been duped. The gangs then steal the blue items and build their own practice nests. Nature is amazing i think

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