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Day 26 Adel’s Grove

I’ve always thought that evenings and nights are the quiet times when all the activities of the day end but at Adel’s Grove that seems to be reversed. In the evening the cacophony begins when bats leave their roosts but added to that are the noises of animals moving about. Fergus was just about turning himself inside out when we walked up to the eating area. He hauled and hauled on the lead pulling me towards one tree and when I shone the torch around the base of the tree there was a very big green frog. It wasn’t until he was in his crate that he settled down.

Last night the warm PJs were discarded and we were back to our normal Pjs, the blanket went too. I was glad I didn’t take the quilt off though because it did cool to about 17 deg, today was predicted to be 33 deg. I’m not sure if it made that but I’m fine. We drove out to Lawn Hill NP to get some information but the place wasn’t manned, it was an interesting drive.

I walked along the river at camp and was teased by more little birds, some I think I could name but others I have no idea about. While Fergus and I were walking Professor Potter was busy putting a water filter on the hose, “fixing” the various ropes and string lines on the camper, fixed his broken headlamp – cable ties trump tape every time! Fergus had a swim/wash in the creek but we took advantage of the solar heated water so we don’t need to have a cold shower either tonight or in the morning.

We made a couple of trips up to the eating area to see if the power points were available but it seems that some devices take many hours to recharge. The Bar/Bistro is closed, we don’t know why, maybe it’s a Queensland Thing, I know it’s not Sunday – my phone might not always do what I want it to but it does know what day it is.

Wherever we walk around here there is evidence of the Botanical Garden established here.

Anytime we’re “offline” it’s not because I’ve given up the blog it’s simply that the internet connection isn’t capable of uploading etc.

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  1. Absolutely loving your trip, especially as I sit here with my electric “over” blanket tucked around me.

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