Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Day 28 Adel’s Grove

Another lovely pancake breakfast this morning followed by a walk to the Lookout. The hill was very tame compared with the Eden Hills variety!

When we came back we took advantage of the quieter campground and I was able to recharge my camera and laptop in the dining area. I have tried several times before but there was always a laptop and phone charging and yesterday discovered that the laptop owner was in Mt Isa when they realised they’d left it behind!

Fergus and I walked along the river enjoying all the quiet little places to sit and take it all in.

We’ve heard lizards scurrying away but there is so much leaf litter and decaying Palm fronds that there’s no way I can spot them before they disappear. The bats left evidence of their overnight presence on the car and vehicle manuals make for interesting reading apparently so Professor Potter had plenty to do while Fergus and I were away walking.

Tonight we pack up the annexe and prepare to move on from this special spot.

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  1. It has been an amazing spot, you will be sorry to leave it.

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