Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Day 29 – Gregory

No time for pancakes this morning even though it was still dark when I went to the showers, I discovered the trick to hot water in the morning, turn the hot tap fully and don’t touch the cold one!

We’d packed away the big jackets and thick blanket, having the little vacuum we bought from the RAA was a boon. They all shrank away to easy to manage packs when all the air was sucked out of the vacuum seal bags.

While Alex was topping up the Camper water tanks our campsite neighbour came up to tell us he’d just contacted a Park in Karumba and they had two spots available in three days time. I immediately started calling them but only got a digital response. I kept phoning until the line was finally free and was able to secure two nights so we know where we will be next Wednesday and Thursday night.

Our drive from Adel’s Grove to Gregory was uneventful. We’re parked in the same area as before because the riverside camping area is still chaotic. We did walk down there a couple of times some of us cooled our feet in the water. It was lovely watching oldies floating down the river in the current, laughing and hollering like little kids.

We sat and enjoyed a drink at Murray’s Cafe after a long wait because there were so many customers and he’s a one-man-band. When we passed through here a couple of years ago Murray not only had time to make us drinks but also to get out the Compressor so Alex could reinflate the tyres. His business is so busy now he doesn’t have time to scratch himself!

As you can tell from the number of posts, Internet coverage is better in Gregory it should also be OK in Burketown and Normanton where we go from here.

Comments on: "Day 29 – Gregory" (2)

  1. Love you talking about the oldies floating down fhe river on the current and hollering like kids! Also your description of poor Murray’s coffee spot now so busy he hasn’t time to scratch himself. Good that you know where you will be next Wednesday and Thursday.
    If you are wondering where we are and what we are doing, you need not! We will all be home as our Level 4 lockdown yesterday becomes a full lockdown from 6pm tonight (Tuesday). I was out for the morning and stopped at Woollies at lunch time, thinking it was good the carpark was not busy only to find inside that many shelves were bare!! I could not buy bananas, carrots, potatoes and yoghurt! There was one packet of toilet paper but I had already bought up a few weeks ago, so was able to leave that for someone else. Take care, keep safe.

    • Sounds to me like the panic purchasers are out in force again. It’s only for a week!!!
      I felt a bit sorry for Murray, he would never have envisioned the his little hobby turning into a chaotic business!

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