Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Last night some people drove in after dark and it must have been a bit hair raising even though they weren’t towing anything. This morning they told us it had been a struggle to get their vehicle level enough for sleeping because they hadn’t been able to see the way the rocks lay.

I’ve decided that a Navigators’ License issued in Mt Isa should not be considered a demonstration of competence in any other location! The driver/navigator did however manage to avoid getting us bogged or stranded on top of a rock ledge!

Heading to Normanton we passed through familiar vegetation, sometimes expansive grassland other times small Eucalypt forest and also areas with hundreds of Termite Mounds but others bare. We saw a flock of Red-tailed Black Cockatoos in trees beside the road, that’s a first for this trip.

We called into Burke and Wills last campsite, N0. 119, where trees had been marked to show that they’d been there. The water in the billabong didn’t look healthy but the Norman River had plenty of water in it.

Normanton is far more appealing than Burketown, it almost seems to have a sense of humour with buildings painted in vibrant colours. Most houses have gardens and there is a sense of pride about the place. We’ve restocked our Ginger Beer ans Cider…the Ginger Beer we buy on special in Foodland for about $6.50 was over $14 but out here the enjoyment of it is magnified too.

A drive round the wetlands gave me a chance to snap away and Alex had a little play.

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