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Day 33 Karumba

Today was one for boring tasks like doing washing and shopping. We started early so there would be space on the clothes lines, stripping the Camper bed took a bit of effort because it’s not an “island bed” ie has no space at all around the sides or head.

Boats are not the only important thing around here, fishing shirts also seem to be a “must have”.

We had a bag of prawns for lunch, lovely fresh, crunchy prawns.

After lunch we walked along the beach back to the Boat Ramp near the Caravan Park, keeping an eye out for crocodiles in case Fergus was a temptation.

We went to the pub for Happy Hour and met some people we were talking with last night, they have two Shetland Collies and are travelling in a 24′ caravan.

Tomorrow we move on to Croydon as there were no sites available for us here. I wonder if we’ll see more “Queensland Colour” in Croydon.

Comments on: "Day 33 Karumba" (5)

  1. Love “The Barking Lot” a spot for Fergus to hang out with some buddies! Gee the shop is certainly cashing in on the skin protection with all those “rashee” fishing shirts! Make sure you and Alec are prepared to wrestle any damn croc that comes near Fergus! Bucketing rain here and had a big thunderstorm as well. In hibernation (day 4 of 7 day hard lockdown) good excuse to watch Day One of fhe Olympic Games.

    • Those shirts seem to be a “must have” for so many groups from those who’ve been to Cape York or Lightning Ridge and they have some in the pub here with “Poddy Dodgers” logos.

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