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Day 35 Croydon

Yesterday I drank 2 small bottles of Dare Mocha and last night I couldn’t get to sleep for hours. At one stage Alex suddenly announced, “I’m off to the Ablutions”. Wide awake, I said, “It’s NOT morning!” He checked his watch and decided it wasn’t 6:10 after all but 2:30 so probably a little early yet to be going for a shower.

Today we’ve been to the Information Centre where they have an excellent display of old buildings and train paraphernalia, there are a couple of old trains they intend to restore and judging by the state of them it will take a long time. There are also sculptures and other interesting items in the area near the Information Centre.

The Iguana Consuls Mining Museum…

The wetlands out by the cemetery which was a big disappointment. The only birds that were close enough to identify were some Grebes.

The heritage precinct….. in the old Courthouse we were able to listen to a reenactment of a real trial held there and also found the chips in the witness box mentioned in yesterday’s post.

…and back to Lake Belmore to cool our feet and let Fergus have a swim, he declined, maybe he’d read the warning about crocs. We expected a lot of people to be at the lake since it’s Saturday but there were only a few campers like ourselves. You can’t camp at the Lake though. The town has certainly done a brilliant job in presenting its past with excellent restorations but even newly constructed toilet blocks etc are made of old materials and blend in perfectly with the heritage buildings.