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Day 35 Croydon

Yesterday I drank 2 small bottles of Dare Mocha and last night I couldn’t get to sleep for hours. At one stage Alex suddenly announced, “I’m off to the Ablutions”. Wide awake, I said, “It’s NOT morning!” He checked his watch and decided it wasn’t 6:10 after all but 2:30 so probably a little early yet to be going for a shower.

Today we’ve been to the Information Centre where they have an excellent display of old buildings and train paraphernalia, there are a couple of old trains they intend to restore and judging by the state of them it will take a long time. There are also sculptures and other interesting items in the area near the Information Centre.

The Iguana Consuls Mining Museum…

The wetlands out by the cemetery which was a big disappointment. The only birds that were close enough to identify were some Grebes.

The heritage precinct….. in the old Courthouse we were able to listen to a reenactment of a real trial held there and also found the chips in the witness box mentioned in yesterday’s post.

…and back to Lake Belmore to cool our feet and let Fergus have a swim, he declined, maybe he’d read the warning about crocs. We expected a lot of people to be at the lake since it’s Saturday but there were only a few campers like ourselves. You can’t camp at the Lake though. The town has certainly done a brilliant job in presenting its past with excellent restorations but even newly constructed toilet blocks etc are made of old materials and blend in perfectly with the heritage buildings.

Comments on: "Day 35 Croydon" (4)

  1. Keep away from those Mocha drinks Sue. Love all the photos and good to aee the “two old boilers”! Hope you are keeping up with the Olympics. You picked a good time to escape!

  2. A couple of days ago there were strange spider nests. They are the net casting spider. Obviously. Ive seen them a couple of times in qld. Qld museum has an article about them.

  3. I am still getting used to the time here.. when I wake up at night I cant tell if its or it was worse during daylight saving. And there was only an 8 hour distance.
    Loved the rusting stuff including the wonderful building. Oh to be able to wear a tshirt.

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