Some places we've been and some places we're going.

Late yesterday a couple of vehicles pulled in and I couldn’t believe it when one parked about 10 m from the door to the Ladies toilet block. It was quite unnerving hearing every word of their exuberant talk and walking out the amenities door almost into their kitchen. It wasn’t long before the loud music was on, sounds of cans being opened and general hilarity. I wondered how it would all pan out as there were maybe ten caravans parked in the general area and we’d already heard someone protesting that they’d only had the “genny” on to use the Air Conditioner so we knew someone wasn’t afraid to challenge any excess noise. We were quite a bit away from there in our own little niche.

It was dark but still early when suddenly all was quiet. This morning “the gang” were packed up and off at first light.

Looking out from our campsite there was a layer of mist blanketing the low vegetation.

I’ve never been in a place before where Praying Mantis stayed overnight in an Amenities Block.

It didn’t take long for us to drive to Charters Towers where the Prado Pilot hoped to get a replacement battery for the replacement battery in his remote key fob. At 9:00 I phoned a Caravan Park and managed to get the last site available and even better was that we could have it for three nights. By 12:00 we were all set up, I went to sleep with the AC on because I had a migraine and Alex went off to shop. Fergus joined me up on the bed!!!!

Comments on: "Day 41 Fletcher Creek to Charters Towers" (2)

  1. What a HUGE praying Mantis. Hope you and Fergus had a good sleep and you are feeling much better Sue.

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